India’s food processing sector is a global heavyweight, set to hit $535 billion by 2025-26.

The Indian food and beverage packaging industry is growing fast at 14.8% yearly, aiming for $86 billion in 2029. In the world of food and drinks, India leads in sustainable packaging. This means using eco-friendly materials, cutting waste, and lessening the carbon footprint from packaging.

The main goal is to protect products while being gentle on the environment. The food processing industry is impressively innovative, especially in eco-friendly packaging.

This market is split into categories like material, application, type, and technique. Materials range from paper and bioplastics to metal and glass. Different foods and drinks use various types of packaging, from bakery goods to meat, fish, fruits, and more. Techniques vary, like active packaging and molded packaging, all moving towards greener options materials that are biodegradable, recyclable, or compostable, and designs that are efficient, reusable, or refillable.

In the world of biodegradable packaging, trends include using corn kernels for plastic, bamboo for cutlery, wood fibres for recyclable packaging, and even mushroom roots for an eco-friendly replacement for styrofoam.

Researchers are working on new technologies to solve old challenges. In simpler terms, India’s food processing industry is not just big but also eco-friendly and always finding new and better ways to do things.

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