Equipment hold an important place in every commercial kitchen design, whether it is for a restaurant or a hotel. So, besides the space and location of your commercial kitchen, you need to pay attention to the equipment you select. As a trusted facility planning and management company in India, HPG Consulting helps businesses in F&B industry procure and install the right kitchen equipment. In this post, we’ve put together a list of necessary equipment that form an integral part of commercial kitchens. Take a look.

Open Flame Ranges

Ranges meant for open flame cooking are the most noticeable commercial kitchen equipment. They run on gas and form the heart of every commercial kitchen. In fact, serving a large number of customers can be impossible without such equipment in the kitchen. Based on traditional and responsive cooking designs, open flame ranges are recommended by kitchen design planners for a number of reasons such as flame level settings, effective cooking, elegant looks, and ease of cleaning.

Ventilation System

An efficient ventilation system is another prerequisite in modern commercial kitchen designs. Kitchens are prone to heat, smoke, grease, and odors, which necessitates having a proper ventilation and extraction system. It not only improves the quality of indoor air, but also increases the lifespan of your kitchen equipment. Acknowledging the significance, HPG Consulting always includes an efficient ventilation system in commercial kitchen designs.

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Refrigerators and Freezers

No commercial kitchen design can be complete without a refrigeration unit, freezer, or blast chiller. Cold storage prevents food items from perishing too soon. Our consultants consider various factors such as space, power points, and budgetary allocation, based on which they recommend the right refrigeration system that will meet the client’s needs. Depending upon the volume of the food you want to store, you can go for either a reach-in or walk-in unit.

Food Preparation Counters

A modern commercial kitchen design is unthinkable without food prep counters or tables. When it comes to choosing the right surface material, stainless steel is the most popular option. It is resistant to corrosion, less susceptible to food-induced damage, and can easily withstand most cleaning agents. The cutting boards can be either wooden or plastic. While wooden boards are tough and don’t develop grooves so easily, plastic boards are easy to sanitize.

Food Processors

Manual preparation of food items is out of question in a large scale production environment. Every commercial kitchen, therefore, must have food processors and mixers to serve a large number of customers without making them wait for too long. As far as your options are concerned, you can choose from planetary mixer, spiral mixer, continuous feed food processor, and chopper. Every commercial kitchen design should include these equipment for smooth operations.

Need Help with a Commercial Kitchen Design?

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