The culinary world is undergoing a tech-driven revolution, with automation and robotics taking centre stage to elevate the standard of taste, temperature, and quality in the food industry.

Bengaluru-based Mukunda Foods is at the forefront, having automated over 3000 kitchens in 22+ countries with their innovative products. Their star creation, Dosamatic, whips up a remarkable 50 dosas per hour without any external interference, showcasing the power of kitchen automation.

Beyond dosas, Mukunda Foods’ machines can effortlessly craft samosas, momos, gravies, french fries, burgers, and more. With a customer base spanning 22 countries, including the US and UK, and reaching iconic locations like the Rashtrapati Bhavan and INS Jyoti naval ship, their impact is undeniable.

But Mukunda Foods is not alone in this culinary tech wave. Moley Robotics has unveiled a robotic kitchen capable of cooking over 5,000 recipes. This futuristic kitchen boasts two robotic arms that not only cook but also clean and wash dishes.

A user-friendly mobile app allows customization of recipes, putting culinary control in the hands of the users. Enter Zume Pizza, another trailblazer utilizing robots to craft pizzas. With a proprietary algorithm predicting pizza demand in specific areas, Zume Pizza optimizes its supply chain, reducing food waste and setting a new standard for efficiency in the industry. It’s not just about cooking; Chowbotics has entered the scene with robots creating salads, bowls, and snacks.

These customizable robots find applications in diverse settings like hospitals, universities, and corporate offices, revolutionizing the way we prepare and consume food.

The advantages of embracing automation and robotics in the food industry are vast. Standardizing taste, temperature, and quality, along with a substantial reduction in food waste, are just the beginning. As these technologies continue to evolve, the future promises more efficient and standardized kitchens, shaping a new era in culinary excellence.

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