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As we have innovated through the years, so too we have learnt. Ideas In Focus are our key takes on the world around us and how they can potentially be implemented in your project.

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Edible Gardens: Edifices Towards Environmental Emancipation And Engagement.

World over there is a revolution afoot. Gardens are turning active with more than just aesthetics. From feeding communities to engaging corporates, edible gardens are proving great for our mental and physical health.

IDEAS IN FOCUS / Corporate

The Case For Sustainability

According to a 2018 report by researchers Joseph Poore and Thomas Nemecek, the global food system is responsible for approximately 26% of global greenhouse gas emissions. While 26 may seem like a small number, we must keep in mind that the scale of these operations means that the consequences could be devastating.

What seems like a modern age problem actually has a far simpler and intuitive solution. Going sustainable can start from the simplest of operational changes and go all the way up. 

IDEAS IN FOCUS / Education

Fighting Mental Illness in Young Adults with Food

Whether or not the way to a person’s heart is through the gut, it is established more and more each day that food affects the mental health of us all. More so in the formative years of adolescence.

IDEAS IN FOCUS / Corporate

Employee Engagement with Food & Beverage

Employers and Corporations want to engage with their staff more and more, not just on the professional front but also intellectual, entertainment, social and even emotional dimensions are being explored and engaged. 

IDEAS IN FOCUS / Healthcare

Saving Lives With A Smile

How do we bring a hospitality approach to hospitals?