Employee Engagement with Food & Beverage

Employers and Corporations want to engage with their staff more and more, not just on the professional front but also intellectual, entertainment, social and even emotional dimensions are being explored and engaged. 

As work and career define our identity more and more, across genders and generations, workplaces are morphing into much more than their traditional mandates. Employers and Corporations want to engage with their staff more and more, not just on the professional front but also intellectual, entertainment, social and even emotional dimensions are being explored and engaged.
One of the ways to do all the above together and effectively is to have a holistic food strategy for your team. The strategy is not just about fixing the menu for the month or quarter and optimizing costs and supply-chain issues. It is much more than that. Today, food is almost as political and principle-based as any other aspect of our life and endeavour. Here are some simple, random, well not so random thoughts and ideas we have put together as a part of brainstorming-concept for a client, a major BFSI leader in the world.

Community & Sustainability with Employee Engagement 

Relationships and community define our social identity to a great extent. It is common knowledge now, that individuals actively engaged in a community are healthier, happier and more driven. Creating a single-window opportunity for employees to engage in community-driven and emancipating activities that are inherently sustainable achieve a local and global dimension.

Supporting Local Farmers Markets

Creating a supply model for the perishables and longer shelf-life produce, which unshackles the chain bringing the farmer in direct contact and conversation with the end-user, AMEX and employees. Direct sales imply more money for farmers, less carbon footprint, a feel-good factor for employees. Good Karma all around.

100% Edible Garden/ Garden of Eden and Epicure

Japan has more green zones with higher happiness and health quotient with more centenarians than anywhere else. One of the greatest contributing factors is their closeness to nature, ‘Shinrin Yoku’ (forest or nature bathing) as they call it. A functional garden instead of one just curated for visual aesthetics, with vegetables and fruiting trees being tended by employees creates a sense of universal wellbeing.

Farm to Fork Approach

Redefining the farms, with vertical wall gardens, edible gardens, hydroponics – indoors and outdoors provides active relief and socialization for the employees, as they get involved in the care and nurture of edible flora creating a sense of deeper connection and appreciation for the organization.


Addressing the Elephant in the Room – The Stress Buster

Stress is the antonym of green. The green of life, the green of profit, the green of green zone. Today, stress takes the highest toll on the global economy and GDP than anything else. Sick days, forced inefficiencies and errors are just a few by-products of the stressful life we live. Stress-busting as a company policy has tangible and intangible benefits.
Every culture and people have developed their own stress-busting mechanism over the aeons. Although the undercurrent of feeling connected and letting go remain the same worldwide, their expression is culture-specific. We have studied these patterns and our designs and strategy for you reflect this.

Rekindling Childhood at Carpark Terrace

Childhood is a wonderful and safe zone, insulated from stress. The way to keep your inner child alive is to revisit your childhood time and again. Nothing relieved stress the way time-travel to childhood does. We propose to create a portal or two on your terrace for all your employees to time-travel.

Taking the Leap into a Zero Waste World
The New R’s of learning are in place, not just for our own survival and prosperity but for the survival of the earth. Contrastingly the score we aspire in this new system of learning is ZERO. #Refuse #Reduce #Reuse #Recycle is the new literacy.
We wish to create an engaging and expressive space for the staff to make their own outside of their professional roles, beyond the usual hierarchy of the corporate structure, diffusing workplace tensions and stress while building stronger personal bonds and connections. No wonder large corporations across the globe are spending considerable time, money and effort into maximizing their lunch hour.