Are you considering starting your own business? A laundromat can be a great business to roll out in 2020 if you know how to set it up successfully. You need a solid business plan and can rope-in laundry designs and planning services to make sure you hit the ground running. To help, we’ll dive into the basics on how to start a successful laundry business

Is A Laundromat A Good Business To Own in 2020?

People today value a perfect work-life balance above all else. A laundromat offers unmatched convenience that is demanded by most city-dwellers living professional lives. The business also has the benefit of not demanding your attention all the time, granting you the same benefit of a perfect work-life balance. You can utilize free marketing platforms such as social media to reach out to your target market and grow your business. HPG Consultants’ laundry consulting services can help you put together a solid laundry designs and plan complete with laundry room design without leaving a hole in your wallet. It is even said that a laundromat can run itself!

The Importance Of A Well Crafted Laundry Business Plan

Before starting any type of business, you first have to determine if it will turn a profit and grow. Prior to making an investment, you have to figure out how long it will take for you to break even and really start to cash in. To accomplish this, you have to come up with a proper laundry business plan.

When drafting the plan, you have to consider factors such as investment costs, staff needs, services offered, pricing, competition, and marketing strategies. At first, all of this might seem overwhelming but with a little help from HPG Consultants, you can focus on your business objectives.

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The Crafting Of A Business Plan

To kickstart your laundry business plan you have to clearly define your concept. You can do this by answering very basic questions about your business such as: Who you are as a brand? What services do you offer? Where are you located? Who is your target audience? Why do you do this or why should customers choose you?

Once you have your brand identity somewhat clear you will need a specific list of services you will offer. The key here is to find a way to make these services as appealing as possible to your target market. This will help you tailor your pricing, branding, and laundry room design.

All the information above will be used to start defining actionable steps to help you meet your goals and make a profit. Using a laundry consulting service will give you the expert know-how necessary for you to do this.

At HPG we focus our business plans on 4 laundry planning cornerstones which are:

  • Analysis
  • Facility Planning
  • Process Improvement
  • Project Management

Final Word

A laundromat is a great business to start in 2020. With the right prep, succeeding at this venture is totally doable. In fact, with the right laundry business plan and management system, a laundry system can run itself.

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