Food Service Design:

We believe in starting from the scratch to build to the top. We specialize in providing effective Kitchen Design Solutions based on the requirements of the client. Our designs are followed on the following stages:

  • Area Programming: Based on the food concept, facilities provided and staff requirement.
  • Preliminary Plan: We provide first cut drawings based on the Area Program
  • Schematic Plans: Detailed plans with equipment sizes and locations are generated.
  • Mechanical Data Sheets: Based on the layout & equipments selected, we provide the requirement for Water, Electrical, HVAC & Gas for entire Kitchen Operations.
  • Final Arrangement Plan: Once equipments are finalized, we finalize the layout with all the spot rough in services drawings in terms of Masonry, Electrical, Water, Drainage, HVAC & Gas.
  • Budgetary Estimates: Based on the equipment, we provide a firsthand budgetary estimate for all the equipment.
  • Equipment Specifications & Tender Document: We provide detailed specifications with minimum two models and brands for each equipment.
  • Sections & Elevations for Front of the House Display Kitchens: For all the FOH areas I we provide section & elevations with complete detailing with dimensions of each and every equipment.
  • 3 D Views of display kitchen areas: Based on the final layouts and sections elevations} we prepare 3D Views of all Display Kitchens and Bars in FO H areas to give the client an idea of the finished product.
  • Review and Verification of Shop Drawings by Finalized Vendor: We review the quotes from various vendors} compare them and help the client in finalizing the most viable option as per the requirement.
  • Site Coordination & Final Inspection: After completion of work and installation of the equipment} site is handed over after 6nal site co ordination and inspection of equipment.


Waste Management Consultant

In every food & beverage outlet, there is almost 40% waste generation. Its utmost important to have an effective waste management system to not only discard the waste but also to do it in the most hygienic manner complying with the local guidelines and international norms. As a waste management consultant/we emphasize on adopting an ecologically sound waste management system.

Laundry Design: An effective Laundry design to cater to the needs of entire operations from Guest Lin en to House Keeping and other requirements. Laundry Designs are detailed on following criteria:

  • Linen Load: Depending upon the no of rooms, F & B outlets, Staff requirement, we calculate the linen load bifurcated in dry/ wet cleaning.
  • Equipment Selection: Equipment is selected based on the calculated loads in terms of washer extractors, drying tumblers etc.
  • Mechanical Data Sheets: Load for the water, electrical requirement is calculated along with heat emissions from each equipment.
  • Laundry Layout is finalized maintaining a flow of the different stages of washing and storing.


Food Concept Planning

We at HPG not only design kitchens; rather we conceptualize and execute innovative Food Concepts and Kitchens to suit the same. Our team of experts from executive chefs from five star to the GM’s have a vast knowledge about cuisines and concepts and we deliver their expertise in out of the box, path breaking food design concepts on the following criteria:

  • Demographic compatibility
  • Authenticity of the Cuisines
  • Menu Requirements
  • Aesthetics in terms of Interiors matching with Concept
  • Concept based Attire and service techniques for Staff
  • Cutlery, Crockery & Glassware based on the idea.


F & B Consultant for Multi Use Mega Projects

We also work as consultant for projects that are more than 5 Lakh Sq Meters in areas, in identifying needs as per various F & B Outlets. We propose right mix for the project, wherein the exact mix of projects is devised which will include:

  • Number of Outlets depending upon the Area
  • Type of Outlets on the basis of various needs of cuisines and clientele such as fine dining lounges to fast food outlets to gaming zones etc.
  • Locations of Outlets on the basis of particular foot fall like Cineplex’s, Bars, and Food Courts.
  • BOH Requirements: On the basis of these number and types of outlets, we design the BO H facilities to support all these outlets effectively.
  • Controlling the designs of dynamic design evaluation
  • Execution of project till final hand-over stage


Project Association

We can efficiently handle these kinds of projects:

  • Hotels & Resorts: Facility Planning for Branded & non branded hotels ranging from 40 rooms to 1000 rooms properties.
  • Restaurants & Food Courts: Kitchen Requirements for Stand Alone restaurants and retail services for food courts.
  • Discotheques, Pubs & Bars: Specialized design with emphasis on Bar Operations and supporting Kitchen Facilities for effective operations and maximizing revenue generation.
  • Institutional Catering Facilities: Corporate Cafeterias, Educational Institutes, Hospital Kitchen & Canteens.
  • Religious Places: Kitchens for feeding mass gathering of devotees
  • Cineplex: Food courts inside Cineplexes