The Emerging Face of Asia’s Food and Beverage Industry: Trends for 2024

Asia's F&B sector is embracing plant-based diets, driven by sustainability and health trends. Restaurants offer a range of plant-based dishes to meet growing consumer demand.

Embracing the  Plant-based Lifestyle

Technology is transforming F&B operations with smart kitchen appliances, AI-driven menu recommendations, and self-service kiosks, enhancing efficiency and streamlining the customer experience.

Technological Advancements and  Self-Service Kiosks

Fusion cuisine is thriving in Asia, blending traditional Asian flavours with global influences to create innovative dishes like Korean-inspired tacos and Indian-flavored sushi.

Fusion Cuisine and Global Influences

F&B establishments focus on health and wellness, offering menus with superfoods and functional beverages like kombucha and adaptogenic teas, catering to health-conscious diners.

Prioritising Health, Wellness, and Functional Beverages

Sustainability is central to Asia's F&B sector, with an emphasis on eco-friendly practices, ethical sourcing, and reducing food waste to meet consumer demand for ethical choices.a

Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing

Asia is exploring cultivated meat as a sustainable alternative to traditional meat. 3D food printing allows chefs to create unique dishes and personalized food designs.

Innovations in Cultivated Meat and 3D Food Printing

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