What is a commissionary Kitchen?

Commissary kitchens, also known as shared-use kitchens, are physical infrastructures that are essential components of any local food system. In most cases, to legally sell food to consumers.

A commissary owner builds a commercial kitchen that complies with local health and safety requirements and obtains all necessary permits. Food trucks, ghost kitchens, and caterers are placeless dining enterprises that rent or lease the commissary kitchens.

Restaurants can utilize them to create a delivery-only menu or to augment a commercial kitchen that isn’t big enough. They can be used by entrepreneurs to test new recipes and develop delivery-only food brands.

Commissary kitchens can be used by restaurant chains, local eateries, and food entrepreneurs to meet their needs. In contrast, ghost kitchens are for delivery-only business models.

Commissary kitchens versus ghost kitchens